Death’s Acre, All That Remains

We picked up the books Death’s Acre and All That Remains.

Death’s Acre by Dr. Bill Bass and Jon Jefferson is a non-fiction account of a “body farm” in Tennessee. Part of the forensic sciences of murder investgation is the study of bodies. Bodies disposed of by killers must be identified. A cause of death is needed. If you have ever thought about donating your body to science, you might end up on a body farm. It’s very CSI.

The Anthropology Research Facility was the real-life inspiration to Patricia Cornwell’s Body Farm. She wrote the forward of this book.

Bass and Jefferson discuss various murder cases including the Zoo Man murders. He was a serial killer who was associated with a local zoo. With many serial killers, their victims are unnamed and unknown. Forensic scientists like Bass give them faces and, hopefully, some justice.

We also picked up All That Remains by Professor Dame Sue Black, for a look at forensic body work in the UK. She uses humour, insight and frankness to tell stories of her life, murder and working with police. She covers a couple of serial killers including Burke & Hare. They were resurrectionists who were so good at their murders and grave robbing, the phrases “ressurectionist” and “burke” entered murder parlance.

It’s a good read, both funny and thoughtful.

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