My dentist isn’t a killer, but….

I had a dental appointment today. The dentist mentioned my gums were bleeding. I think it’s because he has a whirring piece of metal in those same gums. He said I need to book appointments sooner.

Serial killer Glennon Edward Engleman was known as “The Killing Dentist.” In 1958, he shot & killed James Stanley Bullock. Bullock had married Edna, Engleman’s ex-wife less than 6 months earlier. She collected the life insurance money, sharing it with Engelman.

In 1963, Engleman killed a business partner, Eric Frey. He hit Frey with a rock and pushed him down a well. Then he blew him to bits with dynamite. He split the insurance money with the widow.

Engleman murdered the husband of a lifetime friend in 1976. Carmen Halm worked as a trainee with Engleman before he shot her husband Peter. They split the life insurance money.

The next year, he shot Arthur Gusewelle and beat his wife Vernita to death. 17 months later he killed their son and heir, Ronald. Engleman and Ronald Gusewelle’s wife Barbara shared the life insurance. This was almost a murder for hire. Barbara was convicted of Ronald’s murder and sentanced to 50 years.

In January 1980, Sophie Barrera owned a dental lab. Engleman owed her money and instead of paying her, he blew up her car. With her in it.

Engleman was eventually convicted of or pled guilty to all the murders. Engleman, the Killing Dentist, died in prison in March, 1999.

P. S. These aren’t my teeth.

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