Ubiquitous Technology

You may have read about Brian Steven Smith. He is a South African man recently arrested in Alaska for the murder of a woman. He had dropped (or had stolen and discarded) an SD memory card on the ground. The card was labelled “Homicide at mid-town Marriott”. It was found by a woman walking down the street.

The card contained photos and video of the murder of Kathleen Henry. The video shows a man’s foot stomping on a bloodied woman’s throat before her killing. He can be heard telling her to just die. Police recognized his voice because of his South African accent. He was already under investigation by police. Police won’t say why he is being investigated.

After his arrest for Henry’s murder, he was interrogated. Smith confessed to also murdering Veronica Abouchuk in February 2019. He has also been charged with her murder.

His wife is struggling with the reality of being married to a serial killer. The families of the victims try to come to terms with what’s happened.

Police in Alaska have been in touch with police in South Africa as well.

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