Russian police arrest serial killer cannibal

This guy is just plain out there. Not satisfied with eating cats and dogs, an unidentified 51-year-old Russian man turned his appetite to other men.

Police in the city of Arkhangelsk worked with the Investigative Committee (like the FBI) and found the partially eaten remains of three men. The killer befriended each man, got him drunk, stabbed him then chopped him up and ate him.

He would then wrap the leftovers (human and animal) in bags and threw them in ponds, lakes and rivers.

The murders took place between March 2016 and March 2017. The killer wanted their flesh to eat as food, not in any ritual or rite.

The killer targeted men who would not be immediately missed: 2 had no living relatives. The other was simply thought to have left town for work after the killer moved into his apartment. He told the victim’s parents the man had moved and rented the apartment to him.

Police had to rely on forensics to identify the bodies, and it took some time. The killer was charged October 29, 2019, but had been in custody for some time.

The killer has been judged sane enough for trial.

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