LGBTQ+ Domestic Violence and Murder

You can call it domestic violence, intimate partner violence or partner abuse. Here, it all comes down to physical violence resulting in death. An intimate partner is a person you has a close personal relationship with. You are emotionally connected, connect regularly in person or identify as a couple.

This can include husbands, wives, sexual partners, boyfriends or girlfriends. In countries where LGBTQ+ rights are not fully developed (or don’t exist at all), the law can be against the victim.

LGBTQ+ relationships are sometimes shrouded in silence and secrecy. The relationship can be kept hidden from family and even an entire community. Some studies show domestic violence is more common with LGBTQ+ relationships.

Severe domestic violence occurs most often with bisexual women and lesbians, but the vast majority of murders listed here are of gay men.

Some of the people who died at the hands of an intimate partner are: