Murdered Grace – a side project


transitive verb
1   :to confer dignity or honor on
// The king graced him with the rank of a knight.
2   :adorn, embellish
// graveled walks graced with statues


According to Merriam Webster, grace is defined as a transitive verb meaning
“to confer dignity or honor on”, and “embellish”. The murders of LGBTQ+ community members around the world often lack dignity and honor, in the public eye.

We cannot research and document every murder of an LGBTQ+ person, but we can start. We call this side project, Murdered Grace.

We are starting with serial killers who targetted LGBTQ+ people, and found that in the public record, many of the victims (almost all cisgender men) never received dignity in death. We hope Murdered Grace will confer the grace deserved.

It’s slow going, but if you’d like to join us on this journey, you are welcome.