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Police Consider Cold Cases in McArthur Murders

Alleged gay Toronto serial killer Bruce McArthur has, as of April 2018, been charged with the deaths of eight men, most of whom are gay/LGBT+. Sgt. Detective Hank Idsinga has said police are reviewing cold case murder files dating back to the 1970s where gay men were slain in the downtown core or after leaving gay bars. Police are not specifically naming whose cases they are checking for...

James MacDonald

James MacDonald was shot to death by his long-time partner in love and crime after his lover, David Manship, failed to get them both arrested by the RCMP. Read more at about this ill-fated love at Murderous Love.

Arrest in Tess Richey murder

On February 5, 2018, police announced the arrest of 21-year-old Kalen Schlatter. He was charged with second-degree murder in relation to the death of Tess Richey. A trial is pending. Just before police made the announcement, a member of the Richey family explained that they were told that postering efforts weren’t required because, apparently, Schlatter had been a suspect for a while. That...

Toronto Gay Serial Killer Bruce McArthur

Murder Village is not a newspaper, we don’t report on crimes as they happen. The discovery and arrest of gay, Toronto-based serial killer Bruce McArthur is being covered in depth in various media (you can search links on Google, Duck Duck Go and NewsLookUp, among many others). Our site is dedicated to presenting information in a respectful way, and providing accurate information. Rarely do...

Just An Observation

Today when I was out and about in The Village, I saw someone who made me think “Is that the murder suspect in the Tess Richey case? I could not find any flyers that showed the guy’s picture. Why is there none out there that I could see?¬† Isn’t it the police’s job to plaster the flyers everywhere? Maybe the BIA? Surely it is not the grieving family’s! Once I got home...

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